The Club provides ‘the beautiful’ game for girls and boys aged from 4 years and older, and to men and women of all ages.

While we are a small club in the context of Auckland Football, we are a passionate club growing in strength and depth each year. The Club is run by a constitutional management committee who do their very best to offer high quality and enjoyable, community-focused brand of football to players of all ages and skill levels.

The Club emblem was redesigned in 2004 to represent our coastal community at large, a motif made all the more indelible by the shift to our waterside home-base at Te Puru Park.

Inaugurated in 1984, the club had announced its first Life Members, Kali McIvor and Steven Dunne in 1991. The list of Life Members has been added to over the years since.

The Club is affiliated to the regional governing body Auckland Football Federation.

Divisions/Grades: 5 years and up