I’m Nicki Toms and I run my therapeutic mobility massage business from the Te Puru Community Centre. The room is beautiful to work from with gorgeous views of the ocean plus the green sports fields. It is also close to home where I spend so much time walking and training. 

I’m qualified to treat you:

  • Qualified personal trainer – AUT
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Trained and very experienced in a range of
    • massage techniques
    • mindfulness
    • functional fitness sessions

So many of the people I have worked with in the health and fitness industry have also transitioned into this holistic field where we can now work with the body, mind and spirit and from an authentic place of compassion and love.

Life Coaching is such a rewarding process for many clients as well as myself. We are all on a journey that sometimes has crossroads and obstacles as well as opportunities and choices. Once we are able to pause, relax and touch base with SELF, we can start to move forward on that journey with purpose and clarity. 

So whether it’s a ReSET massage you need or a session of Life Coaching, please get in touch and we can make a plan that makes sense to you.

For more information, here’s my Facebook page:

I also run the Senior Circuit sessions at Te Puru on Wednesday and Friday mornings – we put FUN into Functional Fitness and the group comprises people with a range of fitness levels so anyone can join in and do as much as they are capable of.  Check out the timetable here for our classes