Fortis Fitness

Fortis Fitness Class in progress

Fortis Fitness specializes in fun and effective functional fitness classes.  We offer small group fitness classes that are goal-driven and coach-led focusing on cardio, strength and technique.

We believe that training should prepare you for the challenges that life throws at you and this can be achieved through our simple approach which focuses on mechanics, consistency then intensity.  We believe in quality over quantity; long term gains over quick fixes; sustainable progress over perfection and purposeful, structured training – all in a welcoming, encouraging and supportive environment.  We can help you regardless of whether you want to play professional sport or simply run around with your kids over the weekend!

Equipment provided includes: rowers for cardio workouts, pull-up rig, barbells, slam balls, dumbbells, skipping ropes and weights. A timetable of classes will be posted on the website and each class will have between 8-10 people, so you are guaranteed some great coaching with one of our qualified instructors. Classes will also make use of the outdoor facilities such as the running track, fields and beach.

Our fitness community includes people from all walks of life and age so no matter where you come from, your level of ability or experience, you’ll find a place here.  Come on down and give it a go!