Te Puru building and fields


Powerhooping is the most fun way you can get into shape!  Use a Powerhoop Deluxe with adjustable weights to strengthen your core in just 10 minutes per day.  You can powerhoop at home as well as come to these fun-filled classes.

The powerhoop will trim your waist, flatten your stomach, strengthen your back, slim your waist and strengthen your core.  It is also used for resistance to tone your whole body.

The classes are suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness.

Costs : $15 per class with hoop hire or $135 (10 classes) for a concession card with hoop hire  or $12 per class with own hoop and $100 (10 classes) for a concession card with own hoop.

Classes can be booked at https://bookwhen.com/powerhoopwithjulie. Class numbers are limited to 18 people.

Please note that only Powerhoop Deluxe and Powerhoop slim can be used in our classes.

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